Master Projects 2011

Bruno da Silva Nora

Rectifier Stage of a Wind Power Generation System with Algorithm MPPT

Figure 6 – Boost converter with four-stages switching cell and your control loops.


  • Robust Topology;
  • Reduction filters;
  • Improves Power losses distribution;
  • Simple MPPT algorithm;
  • Common command switches;

Figure 7 Key waveforms of the rectifier stage for its various operating modes. a) M C1, b) M C2 e c) M C3.

Figure 8Behavior of the magnetic currents on the control current loop.

Daniel Flores Cortez

Grid connected wind power three-phase converter using four-state switching cell

  • Clean Energy Generation;
  • High Power Factor;
  • reduction of magnetic;
  • voltage high-resolution (multilevel) ;
  • appropriate for high power (MVa);
  • link dc 600 V;
  • Rated Power Output 14 kVa;

Figure 1 – Implemented Prototype